Business clients

Valid from 01-05-2022

Bank account
Current account opening0 EUR
Account monthly fee0 EUR
Positive account balance fee20,5 % monthly interest rate for the sum exceeding 100 000 EUR2
1 Price list applies to the business customers, who are residents of the EEA (European Economic Area).
2 The fee is calculated at the end of each day and is applied if at the time of the calculation the sum of all the customer’s account balances in the same currency is higher than the above balance in the respective currency.

Monthly plan fee9 EUR19 EUR29 EUR
Amount of the free SEPA⁴
payments per month
50 units120 units200 units
One SEPA⁴ payment
price if the limit of free

payments was exceeded
0.30 EUR 0.30 EUR 0.30 EUR
Incoming SEPA⁴
Payments within SME Bank0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR
Number of the internet
bank users
Payment order import service⁵+++
3 The BASIC plan takes effect for each SME Bank customer on the concluding day of the current account agreement. In order to choose another payment plan, the customer has to submit an application in the SME Bank Internet Bank before the last business day of the current month. The monthly fee of the plan will be deducted from the client’s account on the last day of each month. If the business customer concludes an account agreement and becomes a bank client after the 15th day of the month, the monthly plan fee applicable for that month will be 0 EUR.
Payment orders to SEPA countries in the Single Euro Payments Area. A list of the member countries can be found here.
5  The group payment service allows Client to make a large number of the orders at once by importing order data to the Internet bank.

Loans and credit lines
Other bank services 650 EUR
1 Change of payment date, sending reminders, notifications, claims for late payments, termination of mortgage.

Price list valid till 2022-05-01

Price list valid till 2022-02-02


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