Price List


The price list is valid from the 19th of April, 2024.

Payment plans

Monthly plan fee0 EUR6 EUR13 EUR 25 EUR
Account Executive
Number of bank accounts included per plan111 1
*International payment and payment in EUR to non-EEA country59 EUR 9 EUR 9 EUR 9 EUR
*Incoming international payment and payment in EUR from non-EEA county6 EUR6 EUR6 EUR 6 EUR
Amount of free SEPA6 payments per month1001060140
SEPA payment price if the limit of free payments was exceeded0,30 EUR0,30 EUR0,30 EUR 0,30 EUR
Incoming SEPA payment0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR 0 EUR
Payment within SME Bank0 EUR0 EUR0 EUR 0 EUR
Customer support via phone/e-mail (during business hours)
Ability to submit outgoing payment with additional confirmation
E-commerce (payment collection)0 EUR per operation (up to 200 per month)0,1 EUR per operation0,1 EUR per operation0,1 EUR per operation
Bulk payments service7
3 The plan is automatically applied to a client opening a new account if the company was established no earlier than twelve months before opening a new bank account at SME Bank and is applicable for one year from the moment the account is opened.
4 The SCALE plan comes into effect for every SME Bank customer on the day of signing the new bank account agreement. To choose another payment plan, the customer must submit a request via SME Bank Internet Bank before the last business day of the current month. The monthly plan fee is debited from the customer’s account on the last day of each current month. If a business customer concludes an account agreement and becomes a bank customer after the 15th day of the month, the monthly plan fee for that month is EUR 0.
5 Payment can be made only as a very urgent – same day payment
6 Payment orders to SEPA countries of the single euro payment area. You can find the list of member countries here: (
7 Bulk payments service allows you to make up to 3000 orders at the same time by importing order data in the Internet bank.

Bank account

Current/accumulated account opening:

For companies, registered in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland0 EUR
Documents verification fee for companies, registered in any of the EEE countries (except Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland)100 EUR
For companies, registered outside of EEEUpon individual agreement
Administrative fee for the balance of funds that exceeds EUR 100,000 in the account1The base interest rate of the European Central Bank (in percentage)2
Limited usage account openingUpon individual agreement
1 The fee is calculated at the end of each day, and is applied if, at the time of calculation, the amount of the equivalent of all the client’s account balances in euros is greater than the above-mentioned balance in the relevant currency. If the base interest rate of the European Central Bank in any currency becomes positive, then it is equated to 0, i.e. i.e. neither the client pays the bank for holding funds nor the bank pays the client for the account balance.
2 The annual interest rate of the European Central Bank for using the deposit facility (percentage) (ECB deposit facility rate)

Business API

Service activation fee0 EUR
Bank account statement API25 EUR / month

Other fees

Suspend or cancel outgoing SEPA payment upon Client’s request20 EUR
Return of the received SEPA payment upon Client’s (receiver’s) request20 EUR
Change of payment date, sending reminders, notifications, claims for late payments,
termination of mortgage, granting permission to borrow, and dispatching other
documents related to business loans
Upon individual
(min. 300 EUR)
Audit certificate fee50 EUR
Print and confirmation of the bank statement10 EUR
*Cancelation/correction of International payment45 EUR
*A copy of the international payment (SWIFT copy)​30 EU
*Investigation of the execution of International payment and provision of information at the request of the client​50 EUR
*Return of the received International payment to the payer at the request of beneficiary45 EUR
For bank services that are subject to VAT, the corresponding amount of VAT is added to the price specified in the price list.

Price list valid till 19/04/2024

Price list valid till 27/09/2022

Price list valid till 01/05/2022

Price list valid till 02/02/2022

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