About us

Business Growth Without Limits

We created SME Bank because we have a strong belief in the potential of small and medium enterprises. Being an essential part of the economy, small and medium enterprises still have limited access to financing sources. We aim to provide growth and development opportunity for each business – irrespective of your industry, geographical location, or yearly turnover.

That‘s why we created a neobank – effective, flexible, fast, and digital, allowing to adapt quickly to the changing needs of the market and business. It is also more humanly, less bureaucratic, and one of the very few in the market that can offer both bank services and almost any lending product.

We aim to become a business partner that knows a lot about the local market, initiates a sustainable dialogue, and offers individual financing solutions for the clients.

SME Bank have a license of European Central Bank.

To help small and medium-sized Lithuanian business grow in Lithuania and abroad Our mission

The Most Flexible Decisions Are Made by Experienced Team

Our Team
Audrius Milukas
Chairman of the Board, Deputy CEO
Virginijus Doveika
Chief Executive Officer
Ieva Naudžiūnaitė
Chief Operating Officer, Deputy CEO
Nemira Palaimienė
Member of the Board, Chief of Growth and Strategy Product Development
Inga Kuktienė
Member of the Board, Chief Risk Officer
Marius Svidinskas
Member of the Supervisory Board
Sven Oliver Hein
Member of the Supervisory Board