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    Are you wondering whether your company needs a short- or long-term loan? Contact us and we will find the best solution for your business needs.

    Business loans can be used to finance prospective investment projects (fixed assets);

    Loans for companies can help refinance other obligations in full or partially;

    A business loan can partially or fully finance a project that receives support from the EU structural funds;

    A working capital loans without collateral may be covered by INVEGA individual guarantee. In addition, investment and working capital loans may be applied to  INVEGA partial interest compensation;

    A quick company loan is highly convenient to finance seasonal works;

    Company loans can be beneficial in many other cases, especially when it‘s a young business in need.

    All business entities and farmers can receive the loan. The loans can be granted with or without pledging the assets.

    Calculator of business loans

    100 € 1 000 000 €
    1 m. 10 m.
    12 500 €
    Monthly payment
    2 800 €
    Total interest
    7 200 €
    Total amount to return
    The calculator shows an estimated result. SME Bank is not obliged to grant a service of the calculated amount.

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