Financial Institutions


Price list valid from the 27th of September, 2022 (for existing clients – from 27th of October, 2022).

Financial institutions are the enterprises (including branches, agencies, etc.) that provide financial services including, but not limited to: credit institutions, credit unions, payment institutions, electronic money institutions, other payment service providers, insurance, reinsurance companies and insurance intermediaries, financial brokerage firms , investment management and intermediation companies, undertakings for collective investment and management of assets (including pension funds), companies providing cash exchange services, financial leasing or consumer credit companies, crowdfunding companies, lending (e.g. mutual lending) companies.

Bank account

Opening of the account0 EUR
Fee for account balancesThe base interest rate of the European Central Bank1 (%)
Opening of the deposit accountUpon individual agreement
Fee for preliminary verification of documents, for client identification, and other legal purposesUpon individual agreement
Opening of the savings account2000 EUR
Monthly bank account fee50 EUR
Monthly savings account feeUpon individual agreement
1 The fee is calculated at the end of each day, and is applied if, at the time of calculation, the amount of the equivalent of all the client’s account balances in EUR is greater than the above-mentioned balance in the relevant currency. If the base interest rate of the European Central Bank in any currency becomes positive, then it is equated to 0, i.e., neither the client pays the bank for holding funds nor the bank pays the client for the account balance.


SEPA outgoing from bank account3 EUR
SEPA incoming to bank account1 EUR
SEPA outgoing from savings account20 EUR
SEPA incoming to savings account10 EUR
Incoming EUR payment from non-EEA countries to bank account12 EUR
Incoming EUR payment from non-EEA countries to savings account18 EUR
Outgoing EUR payment to non-EEA countries70 EUR

Price list valid till 27/09/2022

Price list valid till 01/05/2022

Price list valid till 02/02/2022


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